About Sprinkler Removal Tool

About Sprinkler Removal Tool

The Why:

It was after his sprinklers simply refused to rise from the ground and water the lawn that Duane Sanders gave some serious thought to finding a quick, easy and convenient way to address the issue. The time-honored method of having to call out a professional repair person simply would not work for Duane any longer. He had grown tired and frustrated with the unwieldy process of having disproportionately large patches of his lawn dug up, left in unsightly piles, and likely turning yellow with the resulting death from the trauma of having been dealt with in such a way. He didn’t see a reason to accept the extreme treatment of his lawn, and the ensuing expense, over such a seemingly simple process of repair. After looking into alternative methods of sprinkler head repair, Duane realized there really weren’t any and quickly decided he would find or make a better way.

The How:

Duane searched his home for the right tool for the job. He needed something that would fit over the top of the sprinkler head, grip it with enough strength to hold it, and not break the head upon removal. This needed to be accomplished without him having to tear up his lawn, his knees and his back. Duane noticed a piece of pipe that was almost the perfect size to fit down over the sprinkler heads, but it would not grip and hold the sprinkler head. It was time to call in reinforcements.

The Who:

Duane’s brother was the man for the job. He knew just the trick to getting the pipe modified to accommodate the sprinkler head, while allowing it to grip and hold. His first attempt was an instant success! Duane was immediately  able to remove sprinklers in moments, without bending, kneeling, getting dirty and, best of all, without tearing up his lawn. The Sprinkler Removal Tool, SRT, worked exactly the way Duane had hoped. It left the soil profile undisturbed around the sprinkler head. Not only was the grass spared the trauma of being dug up, there was no loose soil to spill into the sprinkler supply line. Duane was able to use the tool quickly and without physical discomfort, and his brother was able to use the Sprinkler Removal Tool, SRT, from his wheelchair. After a few years of the SRT sitting on the shelf, Duane was visiting a muffler shop and saw how they shaped pipe with hydraulic pressure. At that point it occurred to Duane that the pipe could be shaped in a conical shape and saw how one tool could be adapted to fit various sizes of sprinkler heads. It wasn’t long after that others began to take notice and be impressed by the SRT. It was now time for Duane and his brother to manufacture this amazing tool, so that others could benefit as well.


Through their desire to accommodate the needs of friends and neighbors, Duane and his brother found ways to improve upon the original design of the Sprinkler Removal Tool, SRT. Soon, they had a method for making two tools, to fit all of the standard sizes of sprinkler heads. Today, what started out as a simple desire to repair a faulty sprinkler head, has become a successful pair of tools to help make the task of lawn maintenance easier for everyone.