Sprinkler Removal Tool (SRT)

Sprinkler Removal Tool by Duane Sanders

The SRT Sprinkler Remover Tool is a uniquely-designed hand tool capable of efficiently removing and replacing various sizes of lawn sprinkler heads. The device ensures full removal and / or replacement of a sprinkler head

without disturbing the soil profile around the head in less than 2 minutes.

Sprinkler Removal Tool


Save time and money while removing and replacing lawn sprinklers without getting dirty.


The Sprinkler Removal Tool (SRT) is a must have tool for any business owner, contractor, or landscaping specialist that wants to quickly and    efficiently remove or replace sprinkler heads without damaging the landscape.


The Sprinkler Removal Tool drastically…


  • Reduces Time and Money Spent on Sprinkler Replacement
  • Reduces the Cost of the Manual Labor
  • Increases Your Profit
  • Reduces the Damage to the Lawn


Traditional Shovel Method vs. SRT Method

Time vs. Money (Example replacing 25 Lawn Sprinkler Heads)


Changing out 25 lawn sprinkler heads the Traditional way would normally be about a days work for one repairman showing a labor cost of $62.50 and generating a profit for the company of $312.50. When using the SRT on the same 25 sprinkler heads - labor cost would be less than $10.00 and showing a profit $366.67. The difference is the time - $312.50 profit for a day or $366.67 for an Hour?




Contractor Package


 5 Sets - $75.00/set - $375.00 - 55 lbs - $50.00  - $42.50/ea  - $83.00/set




10 Sets - $70.00/Set - $700.00 - 110 lbs - $100.00 - $40.00/ea - $80.00/set




50 Sets - $65.00/set - $3,250.00 - 550 lbs - $400.00 - $36.50/ea - $73.00/set




100 Sets - $60.00/set - $6,000.00 - 1100 lbs. - $750.00 - $33.75/ea - $67.50/set




Within Continental United States

Traditional Method


The Problem with Modern Day Sprinkler Removal Methods

The current and dated way of repairing broken sprinkler heads involve a few grueling and labor intensive steps:


  • Digging a gaping hole in the yard
  • Possibility of damage to the water supply line
  • Getting dirty while as you remove the sprinkler head
  • Trying to avoid getting loose dirt in the riser
  • Carefully reinstalling the new sprinkler head
  • Replacing all the dirt and grass back seamlessly


This OLD way of doing sprinkler repair leaves your lawn looking like a mess and leaves you, or the worker, dirty and exhausted. The most   common way of replacing sprinkler heads is outdated, messy, costly and inefficient.


The New Solution

With the Sprinkler Removal Tool (SRT) method. The SRT gives an average person the ability to quickly and efficiently remove and replace   sprinkler heads with no mess or dead circles of grass and much faster than an experienced contractor can with old methods. The SRT comes in   industrial sets containing both sizes, weighing about 11 lbs total.


  • SRT - 1000 (Diameter from 1-¾” to 2-¼”)
  • SRT - 2000 (Diameter from 2-½” to 2-¾”)


The SRT is usable by virtually everyone, from a homeowner to a professional landscaping contractor. The SRT is a must-have tool for anyone   looking to make sprinkler removal and replacements a breeze. The SRT eliminates the need for tearing up a yard, getting dirty, and risking the   integrity of the sprinkler system.


The SRT Is Quick and Easy to Use In just 4 steps you can remove or replace a faulty sprinkler head:


  • Place one end of the SRT vertically over the sprinkler head.
  • Place your hands on the horizontal handle and twist counter-clockwise.
  • Pull the sprinkler head free.
  • Insert the new sprinkler head.


And that’s it! In just seconds, you have replaced your sprinkler head in record time without getting on your hands and knees, using a shovel,   getting dirty, or tearing up the lawn.

    The SRT Benefits Everyone

The Sprinkler Removal Tool can be used by so many different homeowners and professionals. The SRT is a must have piece of equipment for   anyone who needs to take care of sprinkler heads in a quick, efficient and profitable way.


Are you ready to be done with the old way of sprinkler replacement? No Shovel Required! Send us a message today at   SprinklerRemovalTool.com or give us a call at (806) 679-3063 to see just how easy it is!










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Sprinkler Removal Tool by Duane Sanders