Sprinkler Removal Tool used at Country Clubs and Golf Courses

Country Clubs and Golf Courses | Sprinkler Removal Tool

What do you expect to see when you visit a country club?

When you go to a country club for recreation or for relaxation, you are expecting to see an unblemished view. You do not visit a country club to see any type of maintenance work going on. You visit a country club for enjoyment and for leisure, not to see groundskeepers digging up holes across the land. This type of maintenance work during the main hours of operations can lead you to think that this particular country club has a lot of maintenance problems and is not the best country club to keep going to. Country club owners and managers should know how important this is to the visitors that they have, both for new visitors and repeat customers.

The normal process of using a shovel to change out broken sprinkler heads can be a hassle.

The normal maintenance process that you have come to expect when you see work being done at a country club, especially when it comes to changing out sprinkler heads, is that the groundskeeper will dig a hole around the sprinkler head and then change out the old one with a new sprinkler head. This type of work will normally take the groundskeeper anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes to change out any one sprinkler head. Not only does this process take a lot of time, especially for the groundskeeper at a country club, but it also causes a lot of damage to the grass and the surrounding shrubbery, both aboveground and underground. The other type of damage that this process can do is from digging holes around the sprinkler heads, the soil profile will be destabilized and will not be as firm as it was prior to the hole being dug by the groundskeeper.

Why you should consider the Sprinkler Removal Tool for use at Country Clubs?

The  Sprinkler Removal Tool is as unique in design to changing out broken sprinkler heads as the cup cutter is to cutting regulation cup holes in a golf green. The SRT revolutionizes the way sprinkler heads are removed and replaced. What use to be a labor intensive and messy job is a thing of the past when you use the Sprinkler Removal Tool. No longer does it take fifteen to thirty minutes to change out a sprinkler head or leaving circles of dead grass around repaired lawn sprinklers. The Sprinkler Removal Tool achieves a more efficient and effective outcome in lawn sprinkler repair. The average time that it can take a groundskeeper at a country club to change a single sprinkler head when using the Sprinkler Removal Tool can be less than two minutes. The justification for this is because the unique design of the SRT allows it grip only the perimeter of the sprinkler head. With firm downward pressure with each turn, the sprinkler head is unthreaded beneath the ground surface and never disturbs the soil profile around the sprinkler head. When lifting the Sprinkler Removal Tool after the sprinkler head has been completely unthreaded, the damaged sprinkler head will appear in the end of the SRT. Another unique feature of the Sprinkler Removal Tool besides it’s ability to grip only the sprinkler head for easy change out is that the handle can be used as an alignment tool if you encounter problems realigning the threads when installing the new sprinkler head.

What are the benefits from using the Sprinkler Removal Tool?

There are many benefits that you will see at a country club that utilizes the Sprinkler Removal Tool. The obvious benefit is no visual signs of dead grass circles or damaged plants around sprinkler repairs. The Sprinkler Removal Tool allows you to target the sprinkler head without having to dig up an unnecessary amount of soil to reach the sprinkler head. You will no longer have to dig holes and destabilize the soil profile around the sprinkler head which equates to no soggy areas, no circles of dead grass, and maximized time efficiency.