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What inconveniences do you incur without using the Sprinkler Removal Tool?

Lawn sprinkler repair is a chore most homeowners do not relish having to contend with. In fact, the chore of lawn sprinkler repair is one of the most dreaded because of a number of factors involved: the mess of having to use a shovel to dig up your yard around each broken sprinkler head, the cost associated with having to call a lawn sprinkler repairman, the cost of the sod and the effort required to fill in around the replaced sprinklers from the damage left behind by the repairman.

How easy is it for you to use the Sprinkler Removal Tool?

For homeowners, the fear and the cost of lawn sprinkler repair has been reduced to a minimum and made to be a snap with the invention and availability of the Sprinkler Removal Tool. The Sprinkler Removal Tool was designed by a homeowner with the same concerns as you. The homeowner wanted to make the process of replacing broken lawn sprinklers cost effective, easy, no mess and convenient whenever it deemed necessary. The Sprinkler Removal Tool is manufactured to professional standards using aluminized steel pipe.  It has no welded components and is made to last a lifetime of use on your sprinkler system. The Sprinkler Removal Tool is a professional grade tool that was designed for one purpose, to make lawn sprinkler repair affordable, easy, and no mess.

With the Sprinkler Removal Tool, it is much easier and neater to change out broken sprinkler heads.

No longer will you have to dread calling and waiting on the sprinkler repairman whenever you have a broken lawn sprinkler. You will be able to make the repairs yourself in seconds, with confidence and professional results when you use the Sprinkler Removal Tool. The Sprinkler Removal Tool is designed to remove the lawn sprinkler by placing the SRT over the cap of the lawn sprinkler head, applying firm downward pressure on the handle while unscrewing the entire sprinkler (cap and body) from the riser pipe beneath the ground and lifting the SRT with the broken sprinkler intact. The new lawn sprinkler is easily installed by also using the Sprinkler Removal Tool. The end result is a perfectly installed lawn sprinkler with the grass perfectly trimmed around it. The job of changing out lawn sprinkler heads has been made so easy that just about anyone will be able do it when using the Sprinkler Removal Tool -- no shovel required and you don’t even have to get on your knees!

What benefits will you receive from owning the Sprinkler Removal Tool?

If you are a homeowner and would prefer to have someone else make the repairs for you, owning the Sprinkler Removal Tool is still beneficial. After the sprinkler repairman has received your call and arrived at your house, you can ask the repairman to use the Sprinkler Removal Tool rather than using a shovel to make the repairs. The sprinkler repairman will appreciate it because it will take less time and you will be much happier because you will no longer have the unsightly mess or the destabilized soil profile around each replaced sprinkler head, which is typically left for the homeowner to contend with.