Sprinkler Removal Tool used by Landscapers

If you are a landscaper, what are your expectations for job performance?

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Don’t get hung up on the saying that “Time is money.”  Actually, it is what you get accomplished in the time that you spend on the job site. Think about the dentist’s remark to his patient when the patient complained about the price he was charged for a tooth extraction. The patient said, “Two hundred and fifty dollars? It only took a couple of minutes!” The dentist’s reply was simply, “Yes, but I could have pulled your tooth real slow.” The point being, individuals hire professionals to perform a specific service and expect the service to be performed in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

When going out to a job, what does the homeowner expect from you?

When a customer calls in for a sprinkler repair service, all the work that the customer wants you to do is to replace the malfunctioning sprinkler head with a new lawn sprinkler head that will work perfectly. However, what happens a lot of the time and what the customer gets for service, is along with the newly replaced sprinkler heads, is a trail of destruction left throughout the lawn looking somewhat like a gopher farm.

What is the typical process that you would see a landscaper using when changing broken sprinkler heads?

The standard process you as a landscaper is accustomed to when changing out broken sprinkler heads is using a shovel and digging a hole around each sprinkler deep enough to see reach the riser and making it large enough to conveniently unthread and replace the malfunctioning sprinkler head by hand. You would then have to replace all of the soil and turf that you removed from the hole around the sprinkler head and attempt to make look the best you could. In doing this process, you actually destabilize the soil profile around each and every sprinkler head creating a possible hazard and an unsightly circle of dead grass. This standard process of changing out sprinkler heads, even though it gets the job of installing new sprinkler heads done, leaves your customer with a bit of grief.

The Sprinkler Removal Tool is a perfect tool for you for a number of reasons.

Raise the bar and separate yourself from the rest as being a true professional. Think about the dentist example - perform your service of replacing broken sprinkler heads in the most efficient and effective manner possible. When using the Sprinkler Removal Tool for “The Extraction” of a malfunctioning lawn sprinkler, you can still charge the going rate for the procedure. However, you can perform the operation in a fraction of the time. The fact being, you are on location for a shorter amount of time and have not created any visible signs of damage to the lawn. This is a plus for the homeowner/customer. The customer got exactly what they hired you for, a perfectly working lawn sprinkler without a trail of lawn destruction normally associated with lawn sprinkler repairs. Your customer will be more likely to refer you to their family, friends and neighbors because you have distinguished yourself as a true professional.  Instead of following the standard process, you began to utilize a simple but professional tool, the Sprinkler Removal Tool, to make your job less taxing on you and more efficient and effective for every customer/homeowner you work for.