Sprinkler Removal Tool used at Parks

What is your visual expectations when visiting and utilizing public places?

The ground maintenance crews for Municipalities, Parks and Public Areas are responsible for maintaining not only safe grounds, but also an unblemished view, at all times. The impressions that are formed by the employees, citizens, and visitors are heavily influenced by the appearance as well as the upkeep of the public grounds and the parks in townships and cities. When you go to visit these facilities, your impression should not be compromised because of malfunctioning equipment or from a host of other unexpected occurrences, which can include malfunctioning lawn sprinkler spray heads.

What level of professionalism do you expect in the maintenance of public areas?

The maintenance workers have a standard process of changing out sprinkler heads that involves digging up the area around the sprinkler heads with a shovel. This process can take them anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes. This standard process of changing out sprinkler heads by the maintenance crews will not only create an unsightly circle of dead grass around every sprinkler head replaced, but it can also create a destabilized soil profile around each newly replaced sprinkler head. This destabilized soil profile often results in a soft spot and will become a hazard to anyone or anything that happens to pass over that particular area, whether you are walking across the area or are driving some type of vehicle over the area. This soft spot often requires several trips back to reestablish the soil profile and promote the regrowth of the grass around the repaired sprinkler head that had been dug up with a shovel.

How the Sprinkler Removal Tool improves the process of removing/replacing broken sprinkler heads.

When the Sprinkler Removal Tool is used, the typical process of changing out malfunctioning and damaged sprinkler heads with a shovel will become a nonexistent process. There are a number of benefits you will realize when you begin to use the Sprinkler Removal Tool. The time required to change out a single sprinkler head being reduced to seconds,  the soil profile around the sprinkler head is no longer being destabilized or disturbed, which removes the potential hazard associated with the standard shovel process. Some other benefits of using the Sprinkler Removal Tool include eliminating the circles of dead grass that appear when using a shovel and digging an unsightly hole around the sprinkler heads. It also decreases the maintenance cost because you no longer have to purchase the sod that is sometimes needed to fill in those holes after the maintenance work has been done. Other benefits include that the grounds remain pristine and all the maintenance of the sprinkler heads remains undetectable to the visitors.  One last benefit, but certainly not the least, is that the time efficiency of using the Sprinkler Removal Tool allows the maintenance workers to use their saved time to delegate to other pressing maintenance concerns.