Sprinkler Removal Tool used at Schools

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What do you expect to see when you visit an educational facility?

The ground maintenance crews at the Schools, Colleges and Universities are responsible for maintaining a safe and pristine campus at all times. Students, faculty, and visitors impressions are influenced by the appearance of the landscape and the upkeep of the grounds. When you visit one of these facilities, what you should not see is the lack of professionalism when maintenance work is in progress. This maintenance work includes removing and replacing lawn sprinkler heads. It is no longer necessary for the maintenance crew to disrupt the pristine view that the visitors have to come to expect when visiting these Schools, Colleges, and Universities when lawn sprinkler repair is necessary.

Why should you be careful when the standard process of changing broken sprinklers is used?

The maintenance worker’s process of changing out a sprinkler head usually begins with digging a hole down around the sprinkler head and can take anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes. This process creates not only an unsightly circle of dead grass, but also a destabilized soil profile around the newly replaced lawn sprinkler. The destabilized soil profile around the repaired sprinkler head is often referred to as a soft spot and becomes a hazard to anyone or anything that happens to step on or drive over the unstable area.  It usually requires several efforts and a lengthy process to reestablish the soil profile and new growth of grass around a repaired sprinkler that has been dug up with a shovel.

How does the Sprinkler Removal Tool improve the efficiency of replacing sprinkler heads?

When using the Sprinkler Removal Tool (SRT), this maintenance problem becomes a thing of the past.  By using the Sprinkler Removal Tool, the process of changing out sprinkler heads can be performed in a matter of seconds. The revolutionary process of removing and replacing a broken lawn sprinkler head when using the SRT is to place the SRT over the cap of the lawn sprinkler and apply firm downward pressure on the handle while unscrewing the sprinkler head from the riser pipe beneath the ground. Once unthreaded, when you lift up on the Sprinkler Removal Tool, the broken sprinkler head will be intact. To replace the old sprinkler with a new sprinkler head, just place the new lawn sprinkler into the formed hole and align the threads with the riser pipe. Use the Sprinkler Removal Tool to tighten the new sprinkler being careful not to over tighten.. If you encounter problems with aligning the threads of the new sprinkler head with the riser pipe, then use the handle as an alignment tool. You can do this by removing the cap on the new sprinkler, insert the handle for the SRT in the riser pipe underground, allow the handle to slide through the body until it comes in contact with the riser pipe.  Once the threads are aligned, remove the SRT handle from the riser pipe and screw the cap of the sprinkler onto the sprinkler body. Place the SRT over the cap of the newly installed sprinkler and tighten, but be careful not to over tighten. In a matter of seconds, you will have replaced a malfunctioning sprinkler head with a functional one utilizing the Sprinkler Removal Tool with professional results.

Why should you consider using the Sprinkler Removal Tool for these facilities?

The benefits of using the SRT are numerous including the short amount of time it takes to change out a sprinkler head by using the Sprinkler Removal Tool. The time required is reduced to minutes, if not seconds, per sprinkler head and the soil profile around the sprinkler head is undisturbed when using the Sprinkler Removal Tool. Some other benefits of using the Sprinkler Removal Tool are that there are no more unsightly circles of dead grass that you have to contend with, the grounds and the surrounding area will remain pristine, and the maintenance that took place in changing out the sprinkler heads using the Sprinkler Removal Tool is undetectable to the visitors. The other benefit that you will see from using the Sprinkler Removal Tool is that the efficiency of changing out sprinkler heads, with the use of the Sprinkler Removal Tool, is able to free up much needed time that the maintenance workers will be able to dedicate to other maintenance concerns