SRT-2000   Sprinkler Removal Tool

The Sprinkler Removal Tool provides a more efficient and neater alternative when removing/replacing lawn sprinklers.

The Sprinkler Removal Tool 2000 is a sprinkler repairman’s “Dream Tool”. The SRT 2000 is a professional grade landscaping tool that is constructed for durability and ease of use. It does not matter how much or how little experience that you may have when it comes to changing out sprinkler heads, the Sprinkler Removal Tool 2000 allows you to tackle this job and achieve professional grade results without actually having to call out a professional landscaper. When using the SRT, you are able to achieve maximum work and time efficiency by being able to change out sprinkler heads in less than two minutes per sprinkler head. You are able to see the ease of use of the Sprinkler Removal Tool prior to making the purchase by watching the videos on the website that demonstrate the proper way of utilizing the SRT. The Sprinkler Removal Tool also comes with an instruction sheet attached to the actual tool so that you are always able to know how to best use the Sprinkler Removal Tool. The SRT 2000 weighs less than six lbs, so regardless of if you have to change out one or a hundred sprinkler heads, you will be able to make a quick and efficient job and still achieve exceptional results.

What is the mystique behind the Sprinkler Removal Tool?

The process of using the Sprinkler Removal Tool 2000 is a very simple process for anyone from a homeowner to a professional landscaper. All you have to do is place the appropriate end of the Sprinkler Removal Tool over the head of the sprinkler and apply firm downward pressure on the SRT 2000. While applying the pressure, you twist the Sprinkler Removal Tool until the malfunctioning sprinkler head has been unthreaded. To place a new sprinkler head in its place, you follow a similar and still easy process. You first place the new sprinkler head in the newly formed hole aligning the threads of the sprinkler head with those of the riser pipe and then use the Sprinkler Removal Tool to tighten the sprinkler head. If you encounter alignment issues with the sprinkler head, then all you have to do is use the handle of Sprinkler Removal Tool as an alignment tool.

How does the Sprinkler Removal Tool simplify the process of removing/replacing broken sprinkler heads?

The Sprinkler Removal Tool 2000 is not only built for simplicity and durability, it is also built for longevity. The SRT 2000 is a professional grade landscaping tool and is manufactured out of aluminized steel pipe and does not have any welded components, making it one of the most durable and long-lasting landscaping tools that you can own. You will not find another tool on the market with this type of simple design and ease of use. The Sprinkler Removal Tool 2000 is designed to fit sprinkler heads from 2 ½” to 2 ¾”. The SRT 2000 is designed to allow you to access those sprinkler heads that are in the most difficult of places including being located next to sidewalks or driveways, adjacent to trees or plants, or next to any buildings. If you have a sprinkler head that is now surrounded by tree roots, the SRT 2000 is a perfect tool because it will allow you to access that sprinkler head without disturbing the soil or damaging the tree roots.


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