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Works as advertised!

Steve in Clearwater, FL on May 11, 2016

Verified Purchase

I had about a dozen Toro 570 Series sprinkler heads/body that I needed to raise up and came across this tool on the Internet. It works just as they advertise. With little effort, the tool removes them from the ground. Not sure how much I actually needed it since most of them could be turned counterclockwise by hand without using any tool or digging. Since I use the concrete sprinkler head protectors, I used the metal bar that came with the tool to pry those donuts out from the ground. Once the donut was removed, there was enough exposed sprinkler head that I could just grab it with my hand and remove it without any other tools. I did use the metal bar to stick in the hole to protect it from any dirt that could fall into the riser pipe.


Works like a champ.

By JP Norman on June 26, 2016

Verified Purchase

Let me start by saying I am not mechanical. That said I needed to raise almost all of my sprinkler heads because after two years of being in my newly constructed house my sprinkler heads were either installed to low, had sunken or my grass had simply grown up. The thought of digging up over 30 heads was unpleasant to say the least and paying a large sum of money to a contractor to fix the sprinkler heads seemed stupid as well. So I ordered this tool. Let me admit that I screwed up the first time and ending digging out the first sprinkler head I repaired. What I assumed was a female head in the ground was male head and the riser I bought wouldn't fit, like it wouldn't screw on. I said I am not mechanical but felt rather stupid after I discovered my error. But after I discovered my error and got the correct risers WOW. The tool works, it works really well and I have not spent more than 5 minutes raising every other head since. Wonderful tool, wonderful time saver and it's worth the money just in saved aggravation. Buy it, save a lot of time and work. Worth every penny.


This thing is awesome, it just works

By Randy Young on November 2, 2017

Verified Purchase

This thing is awesome, it just works. I had some trouble and it took a bit of practice, but still so much less time than digging up sprinkler heads. I had the most trouble with the "end" of pipe runs while trying to re-attach the sprinkler head. The end would just push down so I spent a lot of time trying to get the threads aligned. I finally used a wire hanger to slide under the pipe and hold it while I screwed in the head -- then slid it out. That's not really a problem with the device though, just a function of not being able to get your hand underneath to hold the pipe.


Works Exactly As Advertised!

By Tricepilot on August 11, 2014

Verified Purchase

I had a sprinkler system installed in 2006 and since that time, with the addition of turf builder, grass clippings over time, etc. the lawn simply "built up" and the sprinkler heads became lower than original ground level. On average, about 2 to 2 1/2 inches lower. They needed to be raised. So I watched a bunch of YouTube videos on raising sprinkler heads the "old" way, which was to dig around the head and remove it. You add the appropriate length of riser, and re-install.


In addition to LOTS of work for a lawn with many sprinkler heads, what this did was to create a ring of grass turf that was laid back around the sprinkler and then the praying began - prayers that the grass wouldn't die and exasperation when it did. Hint: if you're going to do it with a shovel, don't do as I did and do this work in August in Texas when the grass is already doing everything it can just to survive. Do it in the spring when the grass will aggressivly grown back. Another reason for needing to raise the sprinkler head height was that I finally got on board with the idea to set the mower height at max during the hot, late summer season to give the grass the best chance to do well.


After doing five sprinkler locations with the shovel method, and creating the aforementioned "circles of death" with bad spots identifying where I had just raised the sprinklers, I thought that there had to be a better way, and I found it with STI's amazing tool.


This is a simple tool - but IT WORKS PERFECTLY


The flared ends (you can use either end, I think they're both the same size but I haven't measured them) simply grab the sprinkler head body and grip it as you unscrew the head from the connection to the water line feed. You add the right length of riser pipe, and screw the head back into the ground with your hand. No digging with a shovel, no dead grass ring, about 1/4 of the time spent vs a shovel, and best of all - you can't even tell you were there when the job is done.


Here are some added tips from me:


(1) Watch their "how to" video - the one where they show you how to use the supplied handle as an alignment tool.


(2) Locate the sprinkler head and clear the grass around it with your fingers - not a shovel! - and just make room for the flared end of the STI tool. Place the flared end on the sprinkler head and insert the handle into the hole on the tool body. Firmly apply downward pressure and turn counter-clockwise. You can almost feel the tool loosen the connection underground and you can turn the tool by hand at that point. The tool will likely remove the sprinkler head cartridge first. Just set it aside and re-set the tool to remove the now empty sprinkler body.


(3) Clean both the sprinker head cartridge and the body with a brush and clean running water - you want the threads nice and clean when you go to reinstall the sprinkler.


(4) Add the appropriate length of riser pipe you bought from Lowes or Home Depot to the threads on the bottom of the sprinkler body (don't screw the sprinkler cartridge back on yet). Tip: use a ruler BEFORE you remove the sprinkler head to measure from the current depth of the top of your sprinkler to "ground level". This helps eliminate guessing when you have the sprinkler out of the ground.


(5) Like the video shows, place the steel bar "handle" into the hole, into the threaded connection that's waiting for the new riser extension/sprinkler body. Slide the hollow sprinkler body/new riser combo down this rod and gently make a contact and begin to screw clockwise, feeling to prevent cross threading. Gently hand tighten, but not too tight.


(6) Simply screw on the cleaned sprinkler cartridge, and marvel how nice and level to the ground it now is.


Tool Tip: Make sure the inside of the tool's flared "grab end" is clean for each use. I kept a brush handy and rinsed any dirt/mud which can act as "grease" and not allow the tool to grab properly.


I guarantee this tool worked exactly as advertised. Be sure to watch their video with the full explanation of inserting the handle piece into the ground as a thread finder for the sprinkler body. I think there are two video versions out there and you'll want to see the more complete version. Be sure to follow my tool tip above - the tool has to be cleaned before each "grab" of a sprinkler part to make sure it grips perfectly.


Tool Tip: I sprayed my STI sprinkler removal tool and the handle with lubricant before putting it away so it doesn't rust.


Saves Time and Money

By Lenny James on July 13, 2017

Verified Purchase

Works as advertised. I maintain my own irrigation system and have always used shovels, trowels and sharp knives to cut the grass around the head. I ordered this one and the larger one for gear head sprinklers. Couldn't wait to try it. Made changing the head a 15 minute job instead of 45 minutes. The only drawback is that top of the head seems to get caught in the cylinder, and getting it out is a bit of a pain. Since I wasn't reusing the heads I used a small wrecking bar to dislodge the tops.


It's well made and solid.


A real labor-saver.

By RC on June 16, 2015

Verified Purchase

I wish I had become aware of this tool years ago. The SRT works very well - much, much easier, faster and tidier than digging with a shovel. The seller's website shows which types of sprinklers it was designed for and those it was not. However, I am guessing that with just about any model of sprinkler, if you can remove the sprinkler head cartridge first (by hand or whatever), the SRT will remove the empty sprinkler body.


The review by Tricepilot was very helpful to me - several good tips.


It seems like a gimmick

By Troy Moon on May 25, 2016

Verified Purchase

This tool is legit! I was able to change out 9 sprinklers with little effort and the damage to the lawn was minimal. Nobody noticed and they were shocked that the sprinklers were all new. It seems like a gimmick, but I'm telling you, this thing gets the job done quick and easy.


Great product

By Robert T. on July 6, 2017

Verified Purchase

I bought the sprinkler removal tool after I had dug up I've 20 sprinkler heads that were taking me over an hour for each one, when I saw this on YouTube I had to buy it. Long story short I wished I had bought it before I stated. Now it only take about 5 minutes to change one. The only regret is that I didn't buy it sooner! Well worth its $50


OMG! If I'd only had this tool years ago. What a time saver.

By MrVideo on February 20, 2016

Verified Purchase

The SRT tool is life changing. It saves so much time that I deeply regret not having it for the last 20 years. I could always depend on spending 30 minutes per head to replace/repair. With the SRT I did 3 heads in that time. No sod repair or tangling with stones and roots with a trowel. I was skeptical it would work in the sand we have in South Florida but it works just fine. Contrary to the jobs in the videos, I actually needed to lower (not raise) some heads by replacing the riser with something shorter. The SRT plus Extracter tool made it easy on my Toro, Orbit and Rainmaster heads.


Works great, make sure soil is relatively dry

By Dannyboy on August 23, 2016

Verified Purchase

Wow! This works exactly as advertised! Watch the updated video that shows how to use it to align the sprinkler head with riser back into the ground. My lawn is mostly hard clay and was laid about 6 years ago. It works great, no more digging. No muddy hands. The small size works on sprinkler heads, the large size is for rotary heads (You need to purchase two different sizes, which is too bad). Both sizes come with tapered ends, one end is for the sprinkler/rotary head, the other end to line up the head/riser into the ground. It works best if the ground is not too muddy. I tried it in another area that I had to run the sprinkler to find the head. The ground was too muddy and the tool got packed with mud when I tried to align the sprinkler head with a rise back into the ground.


An amazing invention! It works as advertised.

By Cew on September 25, 2015

Verified Purchase

Works VERY well. You are probably going to need a broken pipe nipple remover, as occasionally the nipple on the bottom of the sprinkler head breaks off, and the only way to get them out is to either dig a big hole to get access OR get the nipple removal tool (about $15.00 here or at a building supply store). Removed and replaced 8 over 35 year old sprinkler heads in just a few hours.


Take your time and plan and you will be happy with the results

By FlatRockRay on July 15, 2016

Verified Purchase

For those of you do it your-selfers who want to replace sprinkler heads or just attach risers because the pop ups are barely clearing your mowed grass, this is the tool for you. Works quite well. Here are some helpful hints. Try and remove the sprinkler heads when the ground is just moist or dry. Water in the resulting hole is not ideal. If the sprinkler head top comes off first, which it usually does, insert the handle into the sprinkler body (remove pop up and spring) to maintain alignment before you unscrew the body from the hose riser. Make sure you get the proper riser height the first time. It is a lot more difficult to try and remover the new riser, if you want to change the height. Riser usually will stay attached to water supply riser rather than sprinkler head body. Take your time and plan and you will be happy with the results. The SRT-1000 is a heavy gauge steel tool that will last a lifetime.


YOU can change your own sprinkler heads

By Gijoe on July 21, 2017

Verified Purchase

This tool worked very well to remove existing sprinkler heads. I found it a bit tricky, as you need to apply downward pressure...not too much...not too little, to engage the tool properly. After removing 3 - 4 sprinkler heads, I finally "got it". If you SLIGHTLY begin to loosen the head, and GENTLY rotate it, before removing the head, it will slightly pack the soil around the head, preventing dirt from falling in the hole when you remove the sprinkler head. AND, if you are at all uncomfortable about tackling this job, you can go online, watch a YouTube demonstration, and if you still are unsure or have questions, as I was, you can call the manufacturer directly. I spoke with one of the men who helped develop the product and found him very personable and helpful. Best regards as you use this tool!



By Nurse Dawn on October 2, 2015

Verified Purchase

I would highly recommend this tool!! It is literally "worth it's weight in gold".

I am a full-time Recovery Room nurse and I started a sprinkler repair service as a side profession. I started from the bottom up with no tools or experience to get my jobs done. I have toiled with shovels to remove sprinkler heads and the yards looked like gophers had attacked it. I happened upon a YouTube video trying to find a simpler way of removing sprinkler heads. Believe me, I was skeptical as I watched a man in a wheel chair remove them with ease, from his chair!!! I could not imagine how he could make it look so easy using a "pipe". Well, I ordered the SRT-1000 Sprinkler Removal/Repair Tool and was totally amazed at the time I saved and the ease of removal. It really does work as easy as it looked in the video!! It paid for itself on the first job I used it on. I recommended it to a friend that also repairs sprinkler systems, so he bought one too. He ordered the SRT-2000 which is for removing rotary heads. They are amazing. I would highly recommend these products to anyone who owns or repairs sprinkler systems.

I had a question about the difference in price after I ordered my 2nd SRT-Tool because I saw one advertised for $20 less than what I paid for it. I thought I would take a chance and call the number listed on the brochure to ask why there was such a difference in price. To my surprise (at 9:30 PM) there was an answer to my phone call. James Sanders, the President/Owner answered the phone. James is a fine man and a disabled veteran who is wheel chair bound, he is the one that invented the tool. He was very pleasant to talk with and very informative. He explained the less expensive tool was not powder coated and could eventually rust. We spoke for the better part of an hour about tools that could make my jobs easier. He even provided useful websites to find these tools.

Thank you James, for a wonderful product and friendly customer service. God Bless you and thank you for your service and sacrifice to our great country.


This device works great and is so much better than digging up the ...

By Canuck on September 13, 2015

I have to give these guys credit. This tool performs as advertised. I am always skeptical of reviews (wondering if they are real or not or just the company trying to prop up their product) but all of the positive reviews are legit. This device works great and is so much better than digging up the sod around the sprinkler. I changed out and added risers to about 8 sprinklers yesterday. The only issue I had was not applying enough downward pressure when twisting the sprinkler off. I ended up only removing the top of the sprinkler. I had to twist it back on and then apply more downward pressure and then it worked. Not a big deal at all. It was user error. My neighbor was in his yard and I called him over. He watched me change one out and add a riser. He thought it was an excellent device and I will be getting a knock on my door very soon so he can borrow it. I hope these guys make so good coin on this product because they deserve it. So simply but so useful. Do not hesitate to purchase this product if you are considering it. I told my wife that it paid for itself after the first one I replaced with a rise.


The right tool for the Job!!!!

By Austin Slayton on December 2, 2014

Finally I found the tool that does almost all of the work for me! I recently purchased an SRT-1000 and an SRT-2000 from the stitools.com. I have Rainbird pop-up sprinkler heads in my front yard but in my back yard I have 2 3/4" diameter rotor sprinkler heads. I began in the front yard using the SRT-1000 and I couldn't have been more satisfied with the results! I was able to change out all 20 sunken sprinkler heads in under an hour. With the satisfaction of my front yard, I began in the backyard. I had 10 sunken rotor sprinkler heads that also needed to be replaced, so I grabbed the SRT-2000 and replaced all of the heads in 30 minutes! The instructional videos on the stitools.com website really helped me understand which tool I needed for the job and exactly how to use the tools. The handle that comes with the SRT as an alignment tool really helped with the positioning of the sprinkler body on the riser pipe without any cross-threading! And best of all I didn't even have to bust out a pair of pliers of even a shovel! I am very impressed with these tools and I highly recommend the SRT-1000 and SRT-2000 to every home owner and landscaper. The most helpful thing that the STI Tools company does is inform the buyer of the diameter of sprinkler heads in which their tool will remove, on the label, and in all of their advertising. Now I can go relax without the back pains of using a shovel all day attempting to replace all of those sunken sprinkler heads!





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